The first ripe berries of the season, Raspberries and BlackberriesMay 7, 2013

So it has been close to a month since we began to pick and sell our strawberries, and some of our most loyal customers are anxious to find out how long until we have our raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries.

This past week we had some showers so it was not ideal to check on the progress of our berries. But today we had a beautiful day, it was sunny and not too windy. So I took my camera and headed to our bush berry fields (raspberry, golden raspberry, black berry, and boysen berry).

We have a section of raspberries right on the entrance, I stopped to check on them and snapped this picture. Most of the plants are at about the same stage, which is about to flower, once the flower opens and it is pollinated then that is when the actual fruit starts to grow.

It looks like we will have to wait between 4 and 6 more weeks until we can begin to harvest the first of the raspberries. It is not too far off, but we just want to give you an idea on were the crop is and a raw estimate of the timeframe.

This year we have an additional variety of blackberries, and they produce a little early compared to the ones we always have.

Right now the process is going pretty well, a lot of the flowers have bloomed and they have been pollinated. So as we can see on the picture, the fruit is already growing but it still needs more time for it to fully ripen.

Usually we first get raspberries then black berries followed by golden raspberries and boysen berries, but this year we might get black berries before all else.

We will try to keep you posted on the happenings of our farm.

A new berry picking season is upon us!! March 15, 2013

We just began to pick some of our delicious strawberries a couple of weeks ago, they are from our "second year" crop; but our "first year" fields are not far behind.

The newly planted fields are full of life and now we are starting to see the first ripe red berries from these plants.

When we are visiting our fields to check on the crop, we can’t help but to feel a sense of hope and awe, the deep green color of the new and healthy plants makes a beautiful contrast with the vibrant red color from the first berries of the season.

On our visits to the fields we can’t pass the opportunity to find a couple of the ripest fruit and eat it ourselves. Can’t get any better than that, freshly picked from the plant, and fully ripe. We love the taste and that is why we also try our best to provide the freshest and most ripe fruit to our customers.

At the beginning of the season (like right now) we do not have sufficient berries to attend all of our regular markets, this is only a matter of supply. We would love to go to all our markets and see our friends in those markets, but we know that every day that passes we get closer to the day when we can attend all our regular markets.

As the warmer weather approaches so does the increase in production, when we have cold weather the berries do ripen but they do so at a slower pace.

The end is near, for the berry picking season.

The season for our delicious raspberries is coming to an end, so if you like these little fruits it might be a good idea to stock up with them since they will not be with us for much longer.

The weather has not been kind to our berries these past couple of weeks so they are suffering. First the extreme heat burnt many of our berries during Monday October 1st and Tuesday the 2nd. Then Came the first rain of the season.

We are hopeful that our berries will survive a while longer and we can continue to provide the highest quality berries.


We are excited to be back for another great season, and we feel that this will be one of the best in our history.

We will continue to provide the freshest and most delicious strawberries both Certified Organic as well as non-organic.

We will of course provide our delicious Blackberries, Raspberries, Golden Raspberries and Boysenberries.



You can find us at many local SF Bay Area Farmers' Markets as well as in a few select locations outside this area.

Throughout the years we have been asked many questions and thus we have created a section on this site that attempts to answer most of those questions. You can find them at the "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) section of this site.