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What is the difference between organic and regular strawberries?

How do you keep track of which strawberries are organic and which ones are not?

Are smaller strawberries sweeter than bigger ones?

What type of fertilizers do you use?

How many acres do you have for growing?

Do you guys have a "U-Pick" location?

What is the season for your strawberries?

Why sometimes your strawberries are "crunchy" and sometimes they are "Softer"?

How do I choose the best tasting strawberries?

How long have you had "Certified Organic" strawberries?

Which is sweeter, Organic or Regular strawberries?

How can I store strawberries so they last longer before they go bad?

Which markets do you attend and what days?

Do you sell strawberries at your farm or to the stores, besides bringing them to farmers markets?

Why do some of your boxes don’t look so good?

Do you re-use boxes, 3-packs, and baskets?

What other types of berries do you grow?

What variety of strawberry do you grow?

Do you use pesticides on your regular strawberries?

How do you keep pests away from your berries?

Do you grow organic berries and regular ones next to each other on the same farm?

Do you use Methyl-Iodine or Methyl-Bromide in your farm?

Where is your farm located?

How many miles away is the farm from here?

Do you offer special pricing for restaurants?

How do we know that you really are "Certified Organic"?

Why should I buy your strawberries instead of buying from the stores?

When are the berries usually picked?

Do strawberries freeze well?

Should I refrigerate the berries or leave them on the counter?

How long do strawberries keep?

Do you bring a lot of strawberries for multiple markets, or do you have fresh ones for each market?

Why do you stop coming to the markets for some time?

Why are your strawberries bigger than the ones I plant on my garden?

Why are your strawberries smaller than the ones from other vendors at the market?

Why doesn’t it say "Organic" on the boxes?

Is it really better for me to buy organic than regular?

Are you going to be on the market even if it is raining?

What do you do with the berries that you don’t sell during the market?

How many baskets are there on a full flat, half flat?

How much do strawberries weight?

Aren't you banned from using plastic bags at some places?

Are you a local grower?

Can I use EBT with you?

Can I use WIC coupons with you?

Do you accept Credit/Debit cards?

Can I pay with a check?

Do you have a website?

Do you have a business card?

Do you grow the strawberries in a greenhouse?

Where are you getting the strawberries this time of year?

How do you maintain a consistent quality trough out the year?