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Are smaller strawberries sweeter than bigger ones?

We have been asked this question many times, and it is not an easy one to answer. First, the size does not necessarily mean anything.

The main thing to look for is the level of ripeness of the fruit, usually the darker and richer color is a good indication of the sweetness of the fruit. But that also has an exception, if the weather has been cold and dry, the fruit will not be as dark and rich in color but it generally will also be sweet.

If the fruit comes from a "first year" plant, it usually will be a little bigger in size. If the fruit comes from a "second year" plant it will be a little smaller in size. So perhaps this is where people are getting the correlation of size and flavor. It is true that generally second year plants provide sweeter fruits than first year plants do.

We are one of the few farms that have the advantage of being able to provide some of our crops to a berry cooperative, and keep the best and highest quality berries for our customers at the various farmers markets we attend.

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